Contribute to a new national centre that will speed up the use of artificial intelligence

Smart Innovation Norway is one of the partners behind the new venture Nemonoor. The scheme will give businesses in production, health, smart cities and communities, as well as energy systems/carriers access to knowledge about applied artificial intelligence (AI). - Having a center like Nemonoor so close to business will make it easier for companies to test AI, says managing director Kjell Reidar Mydske. PHOTO: Anja Lillerud/Mari Kristine Buckholm .

Business gets an even shorter route to some of the country's best players in artificial intelligence when Smart Innovation Norway and seven other strong national players join forces and establish the Nemonoor initiative.

In recent years, Smart Innovation Norway has been heavily involved in artificial intelligence (AI). Among other things, the company has built up the Cluster for Applied AI, a business cluster where companies with expertise in AI can develop further and test out the technology with new partners.

Together with a number of strong players within AI, including Digital Norway, Smart Innovation Norway has now been granted a major EU application. They will form a so-called European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) which will accelerate the use of artificial intelligence in Norwegian businesses throughout the country. The center will be called Nemonoor.

- This is a prestigious assignment and a fantastic opportunity for Norwegian companies to increase their investment in artificial intelligence through access to both the best resources in the country and a close link to strong professional environments in the EU, says Eirik Andreassen, head of Nemonoor.

Provides access to knowledge

The scheme is aimed at private and public enterprises throughout the country. The purpose of the scheme is to give businesses access to the knowledge about applied artificial intelligence (AI) that has been built up on the basis of many years of research, development and innovation.

By accessing the knowledge, the test centers and the network, the aim is for them to succeed in adopting AI as an integrated part of the business.

- Having a center like Nemonoor so close to business will make it easier for companies to test this out. AI is referred to as one of the most important technological developments of our time. In order to maintain a competitive business life in the future, it is important to use artificial intelligence for the benefit of the customers, says managing director at Smart Innovation Norway, Kjell Reidar Mydske.

Initially, Nemonoor will contribute to businesses that work in production, health, smart cities and communities, as well as energy systems/carriers. Application will primarily focus on solutions based on prediction, machine vision and language models.

- We look forward to working closely with the other national and European innovation hubs to ensure that businesses get access to the very best and most relevant services they need, says Andreassen.

EDIHs in all EU member states

European Digital Innovation Hubs (pronounced "eddi") are a central instrument in the EU's new seven-year DIGITAL programme. The purpose is to ensure that private and public enterprises are equipped to adopt advanced digital technologies.

As of today, the EU has committed to the establishment of 136 EDIHs distributed among all EU member states with the aim of ensuring that the knowledge found in each individual country is made available to businesses in other EU countries.

Norway was granted two EDIHs, Nemonoor and Oceanapolis.

Nemonoor consists of DigitalNorway, Institute of Energy Technology (IFE),, Norway Health Tech, NTNU, SINTEF, Smart Innovation Norway and Ålesund Knowledge Park (ÅKP), and the activities will start in autumn 2022.


Eirik Andreassen,
Leader Nemonoor

Telephone: +47 402 00 598