About Cluster for Applied AI

Industry cluster for applied artificial intelligence

The Cluster for Applied AI will contribute to Norway taking a leading position in the profitable and sustainable application of artificial intelligence (AI) in a business context.

The rapid development of digital technologies has led many public and private sector organizations to consider or start using AI for operational improvement, efficiency improvement, and product and service development.

New technologies and business innovation are constantly opening up new areas for the application of AI, and the cluster will be a hub for capturing these opportunities. Several reports and strategies, including Digital21 and the government's AI strategy, point out that knowledge of, and ability to exploit, the competitive advantages that AI can provide will be critical to enable organizations to create competitive innovation in the future.

AI Clinic, Marianne Jansson Bjerkman

Main objectives of the cluster

  • Growth through skills development

    Members are provided with relevant expertise related to the innovation and application of AI within their markets through training, knowledge sharing and exchange of experience.

  • Sustainable application and commercialization of AI

    Through good tools. Members get help in understanding the customer, accessing and structuring data, using AI to streamline and develop new solutions, business development, ethics, privacy, IPR and security.

  • Building a national team for applied AI

    Further develop a national ecosystem in applied AI where the best environments work together to develop Norwegian companies. We will not succeed in this area if we do not work together.

  • International impact

    Through collaborative development. Members gain access to contacts, capital, expertise and visibility through national and international projects and networks.

What do cluster partners get?

We offer actors in the AI value chain access to relevant national and international networks, skills development, support for funding processes, and enable research and innovation by facilitating and developing programs and projects that connect problem owners and problem solvers. This results in increased global competitiveness and sustainable growth for the benefit of society.

Cluster membership
Jonas Moræus

"The cluster's companies will become internationally leading, data-driven, efficient and customer-focused through the development and use of sustainably applied AI."