Digitization and circular economy in Viken

EU Network
Mapping of excellence in Viken
We invite you to take part in the EU network and help us in mapping excellent companies and organizations Viken county. 

We are searching for startups, SME's, large companies and organizations (public/private) that are:

based in Viken are 'excellent' in some way (knowledge, process, products etc……) and that potentially might be interested in participating in EU projects.

The EU network is jointly funded by the Research Council and Innovation Norge and is dedicated to helping Norwegian companies in Viken to participate in EU funded programs for research and innovation.

How do we define excellence?

  • Being very good of its kind
  • In specific expertise, knowledge, ability, etc.
  • Proven and demonstrable
  • Endure in time
  • Recognized by others

To register mulitple organizations, please complete the form for each organization by entering the form multiple times.

For questions or information about the mapping and the EU Network, please contact Inge Michael Bilet, Smart Innovation Norway. Phone: (+47) 474 61 228.


Contact Inge Michael Bilet by e-mail or mobile +47 474 61 228, if you want to join the network or want to know more.

Joseph Negreira

Project Manager EU

Inge Michael Bilet

Project Manager Norway