MOMAI: Workshop - Advanced course in artificial intelligence

Momai is a project in collaboration with Smart Innovation Norway, Cluster for Applied AI and Circular Packaging Cluster and aims to mobilize companies in the packaging industry's value chain to use artificial intelligence. The project has already completed the first part; a basic course in artificial intelligence, a webinar that has given the participating companies the basic knowledge needed to start an AI project in their own business.

On June 1, the second part of the course will be held; a practical workshop where the participating companies find specific areas of application for the technology together with AI experts.

We identify the challenges facing the business and see if these can be solved with data analysis or artificial intelligence. The course is suitable for businesses that are familiar with AI.

If you sign up today, you can receive a recording of the basic course.

The event is limited to companies in the packaging industry value chain.


09:00 Intro and get to know you round
09:30 A user journey on how to adopt AI practically
10:25 Practical group work followed by experts
Mapping of potential applications and possible solutions using the Double-diamond method
11:30 Free lunch
12:00 Continuation of practical group work
Introduction and completion of the AI Project Canvas (practical tool for further development of AI project ideas)
13:00 A practical solution to the use of AI systems for non-data scientists
The presentation will demonstrate the FactoryMind platform from Intellectual Labs, focusing on the fact that the essence of aggregating and using data is "almost" as easy as using Excel, but at the same time ideal for advanced data analysis.