Network meeting: Data analytics and artificial intelligence

When research meets business, value and innovation are created. We invite researchers and businesses to a network meeting at SPIN in Sarpsborg. The aim is to connect academia, research and business to develop solutions for the green shift. At this event, we focus on the fields of data analytics and artificial intelligence.

Research in data analytics and AI

In today's digital age, mastering data analytics is not only a benefit, but a necessity for any organization that wants to be data-driven. Understanding and leveraging data gives businesses the ability to make informed decisions, predict future trends and adapt quickly in an ever-changing market. Furthermore, solid data analytics skills are fundamental if a business has ambitions to develop artificial intelligence (AI).

Becoming a data-driven business is a process that requires time, expertise and strategic anchoring. And that is precisely why we organize this event, to connect researchers, business and academia.

Why participate?

In a world where technology is evolving at record speed, it's crucial for businesses to stay ahead of the curve. R&D (research and development) not only provides a competitive advantage, but can also open doors to new markets and innovations. At the event, you will meet researchers, business and academia. Researchers can get to know the business community and the challenges they face today. Businesses, on the other hand, can get to know different fields of research and how to go about solving their challenges or exploiting their opportunities.


  • Welcome and introduction to the research institutes and businesses
  • Brief introduction to the funding system
  • Presentation of a research project in data analytics and AI
  • Creative workshop: Discussion of real challenges and possible solutions in groups
  • Free lunch and mingling

Join us! This is a golden opportunity to build bridges, make contacts, and maybe even initiate future collaborations. Whether you're a researcher looking to expand your horizons or a business looking for innovative solutions, this is the event for you.

Free lunch is served for those who register, see registration form below.

The event is under the auspices of the FORREGION program of Viken County Council.