Webinar: A necessary tool in the packaging value chain: Artificial Intelligence in your business

The development and use of artificial intelligence (AI) is equated by many with paradigm shifts such as the Industrial Revolution and the advent of the internet, only many times more potent. The ability to adapt and use this technology is not just an advantage, but a necessity to ensure the growth and competitiveness of almost every business. Not in the future, but now.


The MOMAI project is a collaboration between Smart Innovation Norway, Cluster for Applied AI (CAAI) and Circular Packaging Cluster (CPC). It is funded by Viken County Council and mobilizes and matures companies to learn about and use AI in their own business. The first step is to increase knowledge about AI and what this tool can be used for. We therefore invite you to a webinar on January 30 where we explore the potential of AI in small and medium-sized businesses.


The webinar will give you practical insights and examples of how AI can change and transform your business. From automating routine work to advanced data analysis, you'll discover how AI can increase efficiency, improve customer service and open up new business opportunities.

Among others, Völur AS will tell us how they use data and AI to give meat processors the opportunity to cut down meat in the best possible way to maximize the slaughter value throughout the value chain.


The presentations are designed to suit the needs of the SME segment, i.e. those with three to 250 employees. We will show you how to utilize AI solutions in a cost-effective and scalable way. There will also be opportunities for individual follow-up with the participating companies who wish to go into more detail about their business.


The webinar and any individual follow-up are free, your cost is limited to the time and resources you spend on acquiring valuable insight and expertise in AI. There are many opportunities here, but also competitive challenges that almost all businesses face.


Don't miss this unique opportunity to empower and transform your business with the help of artificial intelligence. Sign up today and join us to take the step towards a smarter and more competitive future.


Briefly about the program:

  1. Introduction to the technology.
    We get an introduction to technology that is relevant to the industry. And what success factors make companies succeed with AI.
  2. Relevant success stories
    We will be visited by several companies that have worked with industrial AI and projects relevant to the packaging value chain.
  3. Discussion with AI experts
    Get answers to your questions or discuss your ideas with AI vendors from the Cluster for Applied AI network.


Target audience for the webinar: 

  • Meat industry, food industry and other packaging consumers
  • Packaging manufacturers.
  • The webinar is also suitable for stakeholders who want to learn more about industrial AI.