The Cluster for Applied AI and NCE Smart Energy Markets offer free continuing education to their members.

Valery Naumova
Valeriya Naumova is the general manager of Simula Consulting and one of those who have prepared the free further and continuing education course that members in the Cluster for Applied AI and NCE Smart Energy Markets are offered. - It is important that company managers understand what artificial intelligence is and how they can use the technology strategically in their company, she says. PHOTO: Private

- Managers without knowledge of artificial intelligence miss out on many opportunities

Having a conscious relationship with artificial intelligence and understanding the potential of the technology can take companies to new heights.

Compared to the traditional industry that arose in the 19th century, artificial intelligence is a new type of technology. But the truth is that the term "artificial intelligence" arose in the 1950s, and the dream of creating intelligent machines can be traced all the way back to the ancient Greeks, according to an article from Teknisk Ukeblad .

Nevertheless, it is a challenge for many of today's managers to understand how to use artificial intelligence in a strategic way in their company.

- It is important that company managers understand what artificial intelligence is, and not least that they understand what this technology can do for them and how they can use it strategically. If not, they miss out on many opportunities, says Valeriya Naumova, general manager at Simula Consulting.

- Huge potential

Simula Consulting is a company that builds a bridge between research environments and businesses within the public and private sector, and which, among other things, works to train managers in artificial intelligence. The company is also a member of Smart Innovation Norway's business cluster Cluster for Applied AI (CAAI). It is therefore natural that Simula is among the contributors to the continuing and further education scheme offered to the cluster members at CAAI and NCE Smart Energy Markets in the autumn.

- If you are to be successful with innovation for sustainable growth, working with in-house skills development is essential. Artificial intelligence is a technology that has enormous potential for businesses in the years to come, and the beauty of this course is that the training takes place on the premises of the businesses, says Marianne Bjerkman, head of CAAI.

Gain better understanding

The training course in artificial intelligence is intended for managers and middle managers from different businesses and domains. The training takes place in September and October and is carried out with physical meetings at various locations in Eastern Norway.

After completing the training course, the participants should understand, among other things, what artificial intelligence is, what kind of problems the technology is suitable for solving, what role data plays and how to secure a good enough data base to work with artificial intelligence, what dangers arise from using data mistakes, how artificial intelligence should be implemented in the company's business model, and what kind of competence is required in the business.

Several partners

- There is a big difference between traditional technology and artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is an interactive technology that is constantly being developed and improved by adding new data. But it's not just about getting started with using artificial intelligence. The company's infrastructure, data base and employees must go through adaptation and training to get the best possible benefit from the technology, says Valeriya Naumova.

The further and continuing education course offered by the clusters of Smart Innovation Norway is supported by Viken County Municipality. This means that the offer is free for the cluster members. The aim of the county council's support scheme is increased economic value creation, strengthened competitiveness and more jobs in Viken through the realization of business development projects.

The training is developed and delivered by experienced technologists from Simula Consulting and the Institute of Energy Technology, and Digital Norway and Smart Innovation Norway contribute with their broad expertise related to training, networking and facilitation.


Contact Marianne Jansson Bjerkman on +47 924 14 854 or by e-mail .