Course (webinar): Game technology in practice


Video: Join the webinar about gaming technology!

Course (webinar): Game technology in practice

- How can I use gaming technology in my company?

If you want to know how you can simulate processes and product development in a more affordable way, you should join the webinar series on game technology in week 24 !

The purpose of the course is to provide a basic introduction to "real-time technology", which is used in games, among other things, so that businesses gain basic skills that enable them to start using technology from the game world in concrete, value-creating applications.

As a participant you get:

  • Insight into what gaming technology is
  • Inspiration through concrete examples
  • Concrete advice and tips on what you can get started with - and with whom

Technology with a starting point in the gaming world already has a significant influence on our everyday lives, on the business world and on society in general - often without us realizing that it is gaming technology at the bottom. Technology development is ever faster and expectations are rising for areas where game technology can make a big difference. This can affect the way we work, think and interact, for example in training, competence development, evaluation, preparedness and profiling.

The course is held as a series of three two-hour webinars that build on each other, followed by voluntary "speed dating" with presenters and/or other participants on the last day. Here you will have the opportunity to discuss how game technology can be relevant in your own company, as well as discuss any collaborative projects.

It is FREE for all our cluster members in the NCE Smart Energy Markets and Cluster for Applied AI to participate. For non-members, it costs NOK 990 to participate. This is invoiced after the webinar.


Three two-hour webinars on game technology


Week 24:
Monday 8 June, Thursday 11 June and Friday 12 June - from 09.00 to 11.00


Webinar / Zoom

(See summary from the three days by clicking on the link in the title)

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