Competence broker in Viken

Does your company have a challenge? Get connected with a research company to find the solution!

Through the Forregion programme, under the auspices of the Research Council, various competence brokers will help to mobilize the "research immature" business community to apply research in their innovation and development work.

Smart Innovation Norway is among the actors that have been assigned the role of competence broker in Viken. Project manager Hermund Arntzen Dale will be available to all companies in Viken that want help to use research to solve current challenges and issues related to technology. First and foremost, he can assist in finding the right expertise and partners. The offer is financed through Viken County Council and is therefore FREE for companies in Viken.

In addition to Technology, there are the following thematic areas with their own expertise brokers in Viken: Climate, environment and energy, Health and care, Education and upbringing and Urban, local and regional development.

The goal of Forregion Viken is that more companies in the county are mobilized to utilize research to increase the degree of innovation and value creation. The program must be a means of action that actively contributes to restructuring towards a green shift in Viken's business life.

Skills brokers help companies find the right R&D expertise. With the help of a competence broker, it will thus be easier to find topics and opportunities for R&D projects and to identify and concretise project ideas. For example, competence brokers can invite several companies, R&D environments and funding agencies together to discuss opportunities and challenges

A company can apply for up to NOK 200,000 to carry out an R&D-based innovation project in collaboration with a research institution.