Norwegian AI Startup Landscape

Register your business to the Norwegian AI Startup Landscape, and join the platform that shows and promotes Norwegian startups in Norway and Europe! By registering, you increase the chances of attracting customers, talent and partners in Norway and Europe in general.

Do you represent a Norwegian start-up that uses AI technology to work towards a better future? Previously, there was no unified platform to showcase or connect AI innovators in Europe, but the AI Startup landscape does something about that. It not only provides connections within the ecosystem, but also with early stage investors and potential customers.

Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium (NORA), Cluster for Applied AI and Norwegian Open AI Lab (NAIL) have joined forces to create the Norwegian version of the AI Startup Landscape, and the aim is to promote good start-ups from all over the country! The Norwegian AI Startup Landscape gives promising companies a visible platform to showcase their technology and solutions. It also makes it easier for companies, SMEs, investors and other stakeholders to gain access to AI partners they can trust.

The platform opens up new opportunities for start-ups nationally, while also contributing to the use of AI in Norway. A win-win situation for both start-ups and the country!

The Norwegian AI Landscape is part of the European AI Startup Landscape which today contains 500+ AI start-ups from France, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden.


The selection process for companies that want to be part of the Norwegian AI Startup Landscape is as follows:

  • The start-up company applies (via web form) to become part of the Norwegian AI landscape
  • The start-up companies are evaluated by an independent evaluation committee. This consists of qualified representatives from industry, academia, start-ups and incubators
  • The selection criteria are based on the use of AI, scalability, access to and use of data, as well as how the team has access to AI expertise
  • The qualified companies are added to the landscape
Search criteria

The evaluation committee will also assess the following AI-specific criteria:

The business:

  • Must be registered in Norway
  • Has been founded less than 10 years ago or changed its core business model to AI less than 10 years ago
  • Head office must be located in Norway
  • Should have a minimum of two full-time equivalents (FTE)
  • Should have at least one FTE with AI expertise or documented collaboration with experts at a university
  • Should have AI at the core of the business, or have a significant use of AI
How to apply

Fill out this form to join the Norwegian AI Startup Landscape.


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