We are happy to welcome Grayn to Cluster for Applied AI!

"It is with great pleasure to announce that Grayn joins the Cluster for Applied AI.
Their user-centric approach for supply chain analysis and transparent sustainability reporting with the help of AI fits perfectly into our community of companies, and we are looking forward to working together."

Tore Lie, Cluster Manager Cluster for Applied AI, Smart Innovation Norway

Let's introduce cluster partner Grayn with some quick facts

What does Grayn do?

Grayn is a SaaS company that offers a comprehensive platform aimed at optimizing business operations and impact through the utilization of digital twins, deep data analysis, and AI-powered decision-making. Built on a module-based architecture, our platform employs an easy and transparent method for data collection, providing a delightful and user-centric experience. Our powerful analytics tools offer a one-stop-shop for supply chain analysis, LCA, and sustainability reporting, making data collection and analysis seamless for businesses.

What goals do you have going forward?

At Grayn, our mission is to develop the most powerful sustainability management software that equips businesses with the necessary tools and knowledge to achieve sustainability goals. Through the utilization of digital twins and machine learning, we can predict a company's future emissions, allowing for effective risk mitigation and the implementation of emission-saving measures to reach climate goals. In line with this, we are currently engaged in two research projects alongside Nordic and German pilot companies to test the beta version of our product. Our esteemed research partners, Sintef and NORSUS, are valuable additions to the development of new modules for CO2 accounting, as well as social sustainability, seamlessly integrating research and innovation into our platform.

We are currently looking for customers to try our beta version, in order to help customers get started with sustainability data collection and for Grayn to develop an even better product-market-fit. Additionally we are involved in several research projects, and are looking for research partners and pilots to expand our reach.

Do you have a success story or an exciting project that you would like to highlight?

At Grayn, we are always committed to driving innovation in the sustainability space. Currently, we are collaborating with Oslo Municipality on a three-month project to develop a module based on circular economy principles. Working alongside key stakeholders, our aim is to increase data transparency about purchasing processes, empowering all employees to make more sustainable and circular choices. This includes ensuring supply chain transparency, longevity of purchased assets, and establishing procedures for end-of-life product management. By aiding the municipality's goals of consuming less, consuming smarter, and communicating new strategies and efforts to all employees.

Why are you choosing to partner with the Cluster for Applied AI, and what is your current or potential place in the AI ecosystem?

Being a part of CAAI presents immense opportunities for our platform to grow and expand further. One of the most significant advantages of this cluster is being lifted up to EU research projects, giving us the chance to participate in exciting research initiatives at a global level. As a company, we are passionate about data and AI in the sustainability space, and being part of this cluster will enable us to work with like-minded organizations and individuals, ultimately resulting in innovative solutions to promote sustainability. Moreover, we are confident that this membership will assist us in gaining more partners, allowing us to collaborate with experts and expand our offerings even further.


Who: Marilena Frye and Stina Skånhoff
Role: Co-Founder & COO and Co-Founder & CTO

Company: Grayn AS
Number of employees: 6
Location: Tromsø

LinkedIn: Marilena Frye & Stina Skånhoff