The Cluster for Applied AI welcomes mTabs to the cluster!

It is very nice to be able to welcome such an exciting and creative company as mTabs in the Cluster for Applied AI! The company thinks in new ways when it comes to digital surfaces, and has for many years worked with simulations and synthetic data. mTabs AS was established in December 2021 and had its first year in 2022, but the founders have extensive experience both with the services they provide and with collaboration within various ecosystems. We look forward to many great collaborations in the future! 

Marianne Bjerkman, Cluster Leader in the Cluster for Applied AI

This summer, the company mTabs became a cluster partner in the Cluster for Applied AI.

Trond-Atle Bokerød is a storyteller, founder and CEO of the company, and tells us more about how mTabs works in a short interview.

What do you do in mTabs and what is your role?

Media, marketing and metaverse are three of the areas mTabs works in.

Media: with a main focus on living storytelling through film

Marketing: How is your digital visibility? Are you reaching your goals and are your potential customers finding you?

Metaverse: The internet of the future is coming, where the internet will be experienced rather than scrolled/browsed. We are creating digital twins and complex simulations that enable communication on a whole new level.

mTabs has a wide range of expertise in media, marketing and metaverse. We also have a unique expertise in technology, which makes us an ideal partner for larger companies that want help with development, digitalization and innovation.

In addition to being storytellers, we at mTabs are pioneers in the development of the metaverse, or the internet of the future. We create complex simulations and digital worlds (digital twins) that enable communication on a whole new level.

As a storyteller, my role is to find the right story for every situation and convey it accurately. Stories are an important part of everything I do, whether it's artificial intelligence training or traditional communication needs. Being a storyteller is also being a problem solver, and I have developed a skill set that helps me in many situations where challenges arise, often with a high degree of innovation.

We create complex simulations and digital worlds (digital twins) that allow for a whole new level of communication

Trond-Atle Bokerød, mTabs

What are your objectives for the future?

In 2023, mTabs will strengthen its position in media, marketing and metaverse. To do this, we are now establishing offices in Iceland and Sweden. Iceland has a strong gaming technology community, which will be useful for us in our work with digital twins and the development of metaverse. Gothenburg in Sweden, on the other hand, is a center for innovation in the Nordic region, making it a natural place for mTabs to establish itself. With branches in Iceland and Sweden, mTabs will be even better positioned to continue to develop and grow in its three focus areas.

Do you have a success story or an exciting project you would like to highlight?

We have two projects that together show the breadth of what we do.

Case 1: Kållandsö:

The Kållandsö project uses a digital twin to explore different stages of destination development. We have created a "game" where entrepreneurs can experiment with different variables and see how they affect each other. The goal of the project is to strengthen competitiveness and drive digital transformation for local SMEs by building a smart and sustainable destination. AI controls the variables and gives the user a new experience every time they play/simulate.

Case 2; Norske Skog Saugbrugs

Norske Skog Saugbrugs wants to make itself more attractive to the labor market and employees and show its presence. The project "Folka på Saugbrugs" shows employees at Saugbrugs and what they do, as well as how the company makes high-quality magazine paper and innovates with new products. The content is collected on a dedicated website and then shared on social media, with specially created content for each channel. Saugbrugs has also invested heavily in film production, creating unique footage of the entire production line using new filming methods.

Our production is template-based, which makes it transferable to other companies. First up is Ny Plast, which is working with Smart Energy to think sustainable and green while escalating their production of plastics. This is a unique opportunity for other companies to follow Ny Plast's example and increase their own production in a sustainable way.

Our templates are managed by AI to optimize your workflow.

Why do you choose to become partners in the Cluster for Applied AI and what is your current or potential place in the AI ecosystem?

As a partner in the Cluster for Applied AI, we want to expand our network and have a meeting point for competence development in AI. We see an increasing use of AI in our own production and daily work, and want to learn more about methods, processes and how other companies are starting to develop and implement AI. By joining a cluster, we can also contribute with our own knowledge and experience, and have the opportunity to share experiences and communicate with other companies on how we can benefit from AI. In this way, we can see ourselves as an active part of the AI ecosystem and help share knowledge and expertise with other companies.

Who: Trond-Atle Bokerød

Company: mTabs AS

Role: Storyteller, CEO, Founder

Linkedin: Trond-Atle | LinkedIn