Digital innovation and sustainable co-created mobility solutions

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Invitation to the online workshop “Digital innovation and sustainable co-created mobility solutions”
The project Nordic Transition Partnership for Climate Neutral Cities 2030, aims at accelerating the transition in small and medium sized municipalities to become climate neutral by 2030. We help municipalities to turn strategies into action and we want you to exchange experiences and join forces in new initiatives. In our workshop series we present different themes resulting from several deep dive interviews held with Nordic municipalities facing similar challenges.

Therefore, we hereby invite you to take part in the very exciting workshop “DIGITAL INNOVATION AND SUSTAINABLE CO-CREATED MOBILITY SOLUTIONS”. We want Nordic municipalities to share knowledge and experience to some defined Nordic climate challenges and solutions. 

During the workshop, Truls Torblå and Mikael Af Ekenstam from Narvik municipality in Norway, and Rasmus Grelsson from Östersund municipality in Sweden will share their experiences from two very interesting project cases, AURORAL and MIM.

In the workshop, we will have focus on possibilities and challenges within the following topics:

“Co-creation with end-users”, “Treating data as a product” and “Co-creation with mobility providers”

In order to make the most out of Nordic collaboration, please bring your colleges and co-workers to register already today. Registered participants will receive a Teams-link prior to the workshop.

Until then, please check out our website and make sure to join our collaboration platform for politicians and civil servants in Nordic municipalities: Climate Neutral Cities 2030 (NTP) | Nordic Circular Arena

We look forward to meeting you!


Digital innovation and sustainable co-created mobility solutions


19 January 2022, 13.30-15.30 (UTC+1)

Where: Teams


Contact Ulrika Holmgren by e-mail or mobile + 47 467 46 210, if you want to join the network or want to know more.